21, Aug
How to Use Poker Online Player Statistics

Four basic statistics can help you determine the playing style of a player.

VP$IP (Voluntarily Putting Money in the Pot) – This is the percentage of time the player has been in a pot. A 40% VPIP would mean that the player is in 40% percent of the pots. This is a measure of how loose a player is pre-flop. If a player calls 40 percent of hands, it’s likely that he is a poor player. A VP$IP between 10% and 20% is considered to be tight for full-ring tables (10 players). A VP$IP greater than 30% is considered very loose.

Another benefit of VPIP is that it can be used to get a better idea of how a player plays preflop.

PFR (Preflop raise) – It’s the percentage of raises made by a player preflop. This stat can be used to calculate VPIP. Because VPIP counts raising and calling preflop, it is obvious that VPIP will always outperform PFR.

If there is a significant difference between PFR and VPIP (e.g. VPIP=20%, PFR=3%), you can assume that you are dealing with a passive preflop player. If the difference between VPIP and PFR is less than 4% (e.g. VPIP=20% and PFR=16%) and the VP$IP falls within a normal value range (15%-20% full-ring and a little more for shorthanded), you can assume that you are playing against a tight-aggressive (TAG) player. These players make the most profit on low and medium stakes. It’s a good idea to be a TAG player. This is the style that makes the most money and it works well for all stakes, low, medium, and high.

AF (Aggression factor) is a measure of a player’s post-flop aggression. It should be compared with VP$IP. A player who is playing a lot of pots will not have a high AF because they won’t have a hand to play with or trash. This will show you how respect you should have for a player’s wagers.

A player with 20 VP$IP and 5-10 AF would be considered aggressive. He may place continuation bets on you and try to bluff in other spots.

If you only look at the AF, a player with 50% VP$IP looks passive. You must also consider VPIP. This player is clearly aggressive due to his high VPIP, 1 AF.

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